• Insert Cnc Turning
  • Insert Cnc Turning

Insert Cnc Turning

Brand Runxin Machinery

Product origin LiaoNing, China

Delivery time 1 month

Supply capacity Monthly capacity of 50,000 pieces

1.Insert Cnc Turning uses high-quality equipment to strictly test product dimensions and meet product standards
2.Insert Cnc Turning are made of high-quality materials, which are not easy to wear and have a long service life
3.We have many years of industry experience, Insert Cnc Turning are fine workmanship, strong and durable, smooth without burrs, and have a long service life
4.Product specifications are diverse, and can be customized according to customer requirements. Welcome to consult

Insert Cnc Turning

Technological characteristics of CNC turning:

 (1) Select and determine the CNC turning content of the parts;

 (2) Analysis of CNC turning machining process on part drawings;

 (3) Selection and adjustment design of tools and fixtures;

 (4) Design of working procedures and steps;

 (5) Calculation and optimization of machining trajectory;

 (6) Compilation, verification and modification of CNC turning programs;

 (7) Trial processing of the first piece and handling of on-site problems;

 (8) Compile technical documents of CNC machining process;

Custom CNC Turning

Product Specifications:

Product name

Insert Cnc Turning

Product Specifications

Custom made


Beautiful and practical

Product material


Customized Processing Service

1. Customized method: samples or drawings can be provided, please consult us for details

2. Processing equipment: CNC lathes, CNC computer gongs, CNC turning and milling, automatic lathes, drilling machines, etc.

3. Material selection: copper, iron, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, can be customized on demand

4. Surface treatment: polishing, oxidation, electroplating, corrosion, silk screen, etc.

5. Production process: turning, machining, turning and milling compound processing, etc.

6. Customized cycle: according to the production process of the product process, the difficulty of the product and the number of orders

metal turned parts

Company Profile:

Donggang City Runxin Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the Yalu River Scenic Area. Founded in 2015, the company covers an area of 8,000 square meters and has 68 employees, including 15 engineers and 8 inspectors. It is a comprehensive service integrating R&D, production, sales and trade. The company is mainly engaged in the custom processing of castings, automobiles and pumps. copper parts. stamping. Industry metal parts cutting and processing, the main machine tools: high-precision CNC lathes, CNC machining center machine tools, improve the processing accuracy and work efficiency of products, ultra-fine precision metal manufacturing and processing, serving high-end domestic and foreign enterprises.

CNC lathes, machining centers. Wire cutting, machining center, digital EDM, universal grinder, boring machine, punching machine, milling machine, planer, grinding machine, drilling machine, saw

Beds, polishing machines, hydraulic presses, testing instruments and other processing items. The whole process of the company's processing and manufacturing adopts CAD/CAM professional technology,

The company has advanced technol.

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