• Square Copper Rod
  • Square Copper Rod

Square Copper Rod

Brand Runxin Machinery

Product origin LiaoNing, China

Delivery time 1 month

Supply capacity Monthly capacity of 50,000 pieces

1.Square Copper Rod surface is flat, smooth without burrs, smelted with new materials, good machinability, and can be welded
2.Square Copper Rod is suitable for high-precision parts processed by automatic lathes and CNC lathes
3.Square Copper Rod's ductility and deep drawability give you peace of mind

Square Copper Rod

Product Brief of Square Copper Rod:

Square Copper Rod refers to a Square Copper Rod that has been extruded or drawn. There are many types of copper rods, including red copper rods, brass rods, bronze rods and cupronickel rods. Different types of copper rods will have different forming processes and have different characteristics. The copper rod forming process includes extrusion, rolling, continuous casting, stretching, etc.

Customized high quality square copper rod

Specifications of Square Copper Rod:  


Square Copper Rod


Electrolytic copper




Multi-purpose use in mechanical construction, chemical industry, electrical industry, etc.


Square Copper Rod has good mechanical properties and good machinability. It can withstand hot and cold pressure processing. It is used in various structural parts such as gaskets and bushings for cutting and stamping processing. Tin brass plate has high resistance, good mechanical properties, good pressure workability in cold and hot states, and can be used for corrosion-resistant parts on ships, parts and conduits in contact with steam, oil and other media.

copper filler rod

Typical uses of Square Copper Rod:

  Mainly used for air-conditioning pipes, refrigerator pipes, oil pipes, water supply pipes and various mechanical supporting materials, automobile synchronizer gear rings, marine pumps, valves, structural parts, friction accessories, etc.


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3mm copper rod

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