• Aluminum Parts Machining
  • Aluminum Parts Machining

Aluminum Parts Machining

Brand Runxin Machinery

Product origin Liaoning, China

Delivery time 1 month

Supply capacity Monthly capacity of 50,000 pieces

1.Aluminum Parts Machining is suitable for lightweight key components, and its comprehensive performance is much higher than other materials
2.The internal structure of Aluminum Parts Machining is fine and defect-free, and its reliability is much higher than that of die castings and other materials.
3.Aluminum Parts Machining have good corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and non-magnetic properties, which are unmatched by steel forgings

Aluminum Parts Machining

product description

  Aluminum Parts Machining have the characteristics of high strength and light weight, and are higher than castings in terms of material reliability. Therefore, it is widely used as a strength component in aircraft, ships, vehicles, machinery, and electronic instruments. It is mostly used in the parts of the aviation industry that require high reliability

Processing of wearing parts aluminum parts

Our advantage

1. Complete models, customized on demand

We produce all kinds of aluminum parts: Aluminum Components, Aluminum Parts Machining, Aluminum Exhaust Tubing, etc.


2.Year-round stable shipments:

Strong strength, heavy credit, abide by contracts, ensure product quality, support every customer, aluminum parts series products have small profits but quick turnover, and have won the trust of our customers


3.Reliable product quality:

Professional technical customer service 24 hours online to solve pre-sales and after-sales problems for you, and provide more reasonable solutions for different application fields


4.Thoughtful service concept:

With the tenet of "serving customers, quality first", the company continuously improves the management system around product quality and service quality, meets customer requirements, and provides users with more aluminum products.

 cnc aluminum parts

Product parameters

Processing methods

CNC machining

product material

6061  7075


IT6-IT7 accuracy class

Processing cycle

10 days

surface treatment

Grinding, polishing, deburring, oxidation, sandblasting

About our company

  Donggang City Runxin Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the Yalu River Scenic Area. Founded in 2015, the company covers an area of 8,000 square meters and has 68 employees, including 15 engineers and 8 inspectors. It is a comprehensive service integrating R&D, production, sales and trade. The company is mainly engaged in the custom processing of castings, automobiles and pumps. copper parts. stamping. Industry metal parts cutting and processing, the main machine tools: high-precision CNC lathes, CNC machining center machine tools, improve the processing accuracy and work efficiency of products, ultra-fine precision metal manufacturing and processing, serving high-end domestic and foreign enterprises.


  CNC lathes, machining centers. Wire cutting, machining center, digital EDM, universal grinder, boring machine, punching machine, milling machine, planer, grinding machine, drilling machine, saw Beds, polishing machines, hydraulic presses, testing instruments and other processing items. The whole process of the company's processing and manufacturing adopts CAD/CAM professional technology,The company has advanced technol.

aluminium turned parts

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Our Logistics Freight
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